“Steve Cioccolanti’s latest book The Divine Code – From One – 2020 is the most fascinating book I have read for years. It is impeccably researched in a scholarly, yet readable way, which kept me turning page after page in amazement at God’s incredible attention to detail. Steve presents Biblical truths in such a fresh and insightful way that takes us yet another unexpected layer deeper into the thoughts of the eternal God. He shows us tantalising glimpses of the Infinite mind at work, and how exciting it is to have eternity to continue exploring. I learned things that just blew me away, that made me smile, that intrigued me and made me stop every few pages and just say “Wow!” You can put a few hours of the last days to good use by grabbing a copy of this book and enlightening yourself on God’s precision and awesome attention to every last detail in the universe, that unfolds under Steve’s excellent treatment of this subject. Highly recommended.”

Rev. Estelle O’Brien
National Executive of Rise Up Australia Party
Historian of Australian Politics

“Steve has brilliant insights into numbers and the end times. This is a must read for all connected to the Lord and in tune to the times!”

Rev. Daniel Foo
Senior Pastor of Bethesda Bedok-Tampines, Singapore
International Faculty of Haggai Institute

“Bible numerics is a subject that will never be exhausted. The Divine Code by Steve Cioccolanti certainly adds to this amazing and fascinating subject.”

Kevin Conner – Former Senior Pastor of City Life, Melbourne

“I’ve been with pastor for many years now and when I began reading the introductory chapters I could feel how much detail and depth of knowledge Pastor Steve had crafted into the Divine Code. I felt like everything we had ever discussed in sermons, casually outside of church and more had been polished and presented very accurately and clearly… I encourage *everyone* to pick up the book as it would be greatly insightful regardless of your religious or non-religious background. Thank you Pastor.”

Andrew N.
Discover Church Member, Melbourne, Australia

“I recommend this book 2020 to be read by everybody because it’s applicable both for Christians and non-Christians. This book speaks of social life, the economy and politics in a Biblical point of view. What the book says about Obama is very interesting and in accordance with the info I receive. You should get this book!”

Rev. Daniel Henubau
Chairman of GEKARI movement of 135 churches in Indonesia

“Steve Cioccolanti has written a fascinating book about what different numbers may represent in the Bible and in prophecy. He has assembled an impressive range of prophetic theories about the timing of end-time events. His book is highly readable, carefully researched, and provocative. The fact that he is not dogmatic in pushing any one specific prophecy is refreshing. He gives each reader credit for being able to make up their own mind based on the information he has presented.”

President of Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society
President of Bible Code Digest
Member of American Academy of Actuaries

“Pastor steve, your books are totally awesome, i’m still 15 but i enjoyed reading your books, you are extremely blessed by Christ to all the nations”

Jane J.
Jakarta, Indonesia

“This book is not like any other book! It’s so gourmet rich in content. It’s not just one topic but there’s such a wide variety of areas all weaved into one that shows how powerful God’s Word is. Reading it makes me want to search the Bible more.”

Reader from Singapore

“Exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been looking for a book that explains my life in numbers… As a Christian, I hear people talk a lot about numbers or codes, but not in a concise and total package way like this scholar has. He weaves together so many topics into one book I feel like I got enrolled in a few university courses for the price of one! It’s totally worth it. I don’t think you’d have to start out interested in numbers like I was, even if you want to understand God, money, future predictions, you name it, you’ll get something good. I’m thinking of giving as gifts to new believers I know…
The cover…understates what this book really is. You’ll be surprised by how much you get from this book.”

Amazon Reviewer

“The Divine Code: from 1 to 2020 by Steve Cioccolanti is an excellent reference book that is extremely informative, inspirational, and practical in every way. Above all, the teaching in this book is based on solid Biblical exegesis and accepted and proven evangelical doctrines. Steve has an accepted and proven teaching ministry and deals with many more complicated subjects such as Christianity and postmodern philosophy, evolution and creationism, reconciling Biblical history with science and secular accounts, and many other subjects relevant to twenty-first century believers. This excellent book has reconciled the extremes in doctrines and practices we see all around us, and brings forth the proper balanced Biblical perspective. More than that, the teaching is very practical and is extremely helpful in the daily lives of the reader. I highly recommend this to every follower of Jesus, and Christian teachers and leaders will find this teaching valuable as they build the Church on the foundation of God’s Word.”

Pastor Dennis Balcombe
Founder of Revival Chinese Ministries International
Senior Pastor of Revival Christian Church HK
Missionary to Hong Kong since 1969
Pioneer to China since 1978

“Steve Cioccolanti’s book is both stimulating and thought provoking. It is thoroughly Biblical in its approach and examines issues facing us in our twenty-first-century world. I have always been cautious about end times as so many people and Churches get sidetracked from the real issues. Steve’s book cuts to the core by giving us a solid practical platform to approach this subject. When it comes to addressing the subject of end times, this book focuses on what we need to do so that we are not caught up in the grip of a world that is under the control of the “god of this world.” I highly recommend it to all who are seeking to understand end times.”

David Boyd
Senior Pastor of Jesus Family Center, Sydney, Australia
Author, You Don’t Have to Cross the Ocean to Reach the World

“I love this book … I have learned so many meanings of numbers …I can use this book to teach others.”

Kim J.
Reader from Korea

“Amazing book! This is not a book that you read once only and leave on the shelf for the rest of its life. You will use this book continuously throughout your life journey, like a reference, for numbers that piqued your interest. Packed full with biblical perspective for each number discussed in the book, it surely has given us new take on numbers and their meanings. Well-researched information that adds to our understanding and admiration for God, just how intelligent and amazing is the God that we serve. Highly recommended for yourself and to share with people whom you love.”

Amazon Reviewer

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